Frequently Asked Questions

Gigslinger IS a month-to-month subscription that autorenews. There is a large 'cancel subscription' button in your account settings. We don't want to be like those companies that make it really difficult to cancel. One click, done.

Here is the schedule of notifications for musicians:
1 - First notification when gig offer is created. No other reminders go out that day.
2 - Next day, and every day thereafter until they respond, reminders are sent at 1pm and 7pm PST.
These reminders are formatted differently than the original gig offer notification. They have the title "You haven't responded yet about this:" followed by gig information.

Musicians can sign up for an optional Gigslinger musician account. This is free, and more limited than the bandleader account. In their login they can view the gig offers, confirmed gig list, calendar, their existing responses, change their responses and more.
Note that they do not need to use this feature to interact with Gigslinger. By simply responding to their gig notifications via text or email you'll still see their responses tracked in your dashboard.

Every Sunday all musicians in Gigslinger with any upcoming gigs or events receives a weekly digest of their upcoming dates.

Right now I'm using the 'alternate date' feature to enter repeating gigs. I'll put in 6 dates and send out the notification. This way the musicians only get one notification instead of 6, with a series of checkboxes for dates they can do. Then I'll check each date and confirm them all in my dashboard. Every date that is checked becomes it's own confirmed gig. This works nicely to minimize the annoyance on the musician side of things.

Send us an email! I'm happy to help answer any questions you might have.

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