I got a call from a beta user this last week who asked how he could tell the status of musicians’ responses in the Gigslinger system. I might have said this with slight condescension in my voice, “Well it’s obvious, green means yes, red means no, etc.”

He replied, “I’m colorblind.”

I felt like such a tool.

It occurred to me that there are many things that I take for granted. As an art fan and avid museum-goer I completely take color sight for granted. As musicians of course we take our hearing for granted.

This time of year is normally reserved for reflection – what can I do better this year? – but let’s also realize that we should use this time for expressing gratitude. Say thank you to people. Seek out charities that need help. Realize your limitations. Express your gratitude for the things you are blessed to have.

And for gods sake musicians, start wearing ear plugs at loud shows.

Oh that issue where my user couldn’t see the colors of the musicians? That’s fixed by adding status icons.


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