After brainstorming with some other bandleaders, the gig pay setup in Gigslinger came down to two simple options:

1. Even split

2. Custom pay per musician

Even Split is perfect for most small gigs. $600 for the gig, 4 musicians on the gig = $150 per musician. The gig will automatically update the amounts if a musician drops out. If you play the show without the drummer then the 3 musicians will see the pay in Gigslinger as $200. Easy, right?

But what about weird situations? Let’s say you have guest soloist that only plays on half the songs, and agreed to the gig for $100 – and the other musicians are all expecting $150. You can use Custom Pay per musician to set the pay for each musician as a static option. When you check the Custom Pay box you’ll see new payment fields next to each musician’s name where you can set their custom amount:








We think that MOST scenarios can be dealt with by these two options. And now, with the musician logins, they’ll be able to see exactly what they’re making on each gig – (don’t worry, they won’t see what everyone else is making! 😛 )


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