Gigslinger was created to fill a specific niche: Managing a band effectively using technology.

I spent a lot of time tracking musician correspondence on multiple spreadsheets, and having serious calendar nightmares coordinating all the musicians. Plus I was doing this for two different groups.

I looked into options for using existing software out there to do this, and nothing felt quite right. All of the other platforms either felt dated, were over-complicated, or were poorly executed. It occurred to me to combine my two passions: Web development and Music.

2018 was beta-user year. I recruited a handful of busy working groups in my local area for signing up. These bands, which have dozens and dozens of musicians, were able to send me amazing feedback for the first year. I spent the time revising the logic, fixing bugs, and creating features based on real-world usage examples.

Now it’s 2019 and Gigslinger is ready for prime time.

Join Gigslinger to start automating your text messages and keep track of your gigs.

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Since I’m a musician as well as a Gigslinger user, you can trust that it’s created to fit your specific needs. Sign up, start poking around, and let me know what you think.


Forrestt Williams

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