Forrestt Williams created Gigslinger in 2016 to combine his two realms of expertise: Web development and Music.

Music resume:

Primary bandleader, songwriter, and producer for the Tipsy Gypsies, Forrestt has lead the group to several ‘best of’ awards.

Previously he has toured around the country with multiple groups, including Damon Castillo, Crosby Loggins, Monty Byrom, and has spent many years performing and recording with such exceptional musicians as Dennis Hamm (Thundercat), Ronald Bruner Jr (Prince, Snoop Dog), JesseĀ Siebenberg (Supertramp), and many, many more.

Tech Resume:

Forrestt has been working for Land F/X for 6 years doing Tech Support, Graphic Design, marketing, office IT, web development – including SQL, PHP, Javascript, Animation, Video Editing, HTML5, AutoCAD dialog box design, and much, much more.

Previously he worked for multiple companies creating and running several websites & ecommerce sites.

Here’s a quick video of Forrestt performing with his group The Tipsy Gypsies: