Gigslinger is a simple system to help you track your gigs and coordinate your band using automated text messgaes.

You know how musicians often don't respond to your messages?
Gigslinger sends gig offers twice a day until they respond!

Text messages send automatically when you add a new gig

Text message responses are tracked

Text message reminders every week - 'Here are your upcoming gigs...'

Text message reminder the day before a gig, with parking, directions, load-in time, and more

Embeddable widget to display your shows on your website - updates automatically

Ability to have musicians create a login and update their status

A bandleader's essential toolkit.

Self-managing your band?
This is for you.

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As a musician myself I often struggle with scheduling my band’s gigs. I wanted a system that was easy to use and comprehensive. I couldn’t find one out there that did exactly what I wanted so I built my own.
I live in sunny San Luis Obispo, CA, where I run two bands and work at a small software company.