Gigslinger is a simple system to help you track your gigs and coordinate your band using automated text messgaes.

Managing your band members' multiple schedules is a major challenge. The phrase “double-booked” shouldn’t be a thing, and yet, it is! This system automates all the hard work out of keeping your band’s schedule dialed in.

Who's using it?

Special thanks to our early beta-testers, for using Gigslinger and helping make it a better platform for musicians.

Self-managing your band?
This is for you.

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The best part is that your musicians don't have to sign up or remember any passwords!

As a musician myself I often struggle with scheduling my band’s gigs. I wanted a system that was easy to use and comprehensive. I couldn’t find one out there that did exactly what I wanted so I built my own.
I live in sunny San Luis Obispo, CA, where I run two bands and work at a small software company.